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Pedetliva Str. 36/B - 39046 Ortisei (BZ)
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E-Mail: info@speckshop.it
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Terms & conditions

Terms of delivery
Modality of payment
Right of withdrawal
Other terms



A. Terms of delivery

Area of delivery
Currently we deliver into follow countries:
Italy, Austria, Germany

Of course, we accept orders of all countries of the world, whereas the invoice address and the delivery address (one of upper countries) have to be different.

For you to get safe the ordered products, we pack them with a special break-proof package system.

Within a few weekdays (app. 3-5 workdays) the ordered goods will be forwarded to delivery (depending on the acquirer’s location). We work with logistics companies of global fame.

Order acceptation
As soon as paid by credit card and the respective amount is assigned to our firm (Butcher’s Gruber), we will receive a copy of order (as well the customer) regarded as order confirmation.
By sending the order you agree to accept the mentioned general terms of business of the firm Butcher’s Gruber. Prices of the order’s date are valid to be charged. We reserve the right to replace products with equal ones when sold out.

Transportation costs
Unless otherwise agreed, we deliver from stock to the address indicated by the purchaser.
The liability passes to the purchaser as soon as the Butcher’s Gruber or one of his authorized transport company deliveries has been consigned to the receiver, also in case of partial deliveries.

Indications about terms of delivery are noncommittal as far as, by way of exception, the delivery term was agreed previously. The firm Butcher’s Gruber will in every case try the best to deliver their products within 5-7 workdays (it also depends on the purchaser’s location). We deliver to Austria, Germany and Italy.
All our prices are inclusive of VAT. You will get a receipt for your ordered products, whereas they will remain our property until the payment is completed.

Special charges
For an eventual delivery problem caused by the customer, such as false information about the delivery address or a constant absence of the receiver or the like, the consequential costs will be charged to the customer.


B. Modality of payment

Payment by credit card
We accept all current credit cards:
Please enter the data of credit card direct on the display. Your credit card data will be transmitted to our server across a safe connection (SSL3). The credit card will be charged immediately after delivery has started.
Please never send your credit card number by e-mail.

We also offer the possibility of pre-cash. The outstanding amount will be reported on the order confirmation. After receipt of payment the delivery of the goods will be carried out. (It takes about one week for the payment transmission to our account.)

Our bank connection:
Italy: Banca Popolare Ortisei
IBAN: IT28 M058 5658 6800 6357 0002 992 – BPAAIT2B063


C. Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal
Any customer has the right to revoke his / her contractual statement within 2 weeks, without stating reasons and in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail or fax) or by returning the goods. The earliest term for the withdrawal is the receipt of the goods and a detailed instruction in writing. For keeping the withdrawal terms it is advisable to send in time the cancellation or the goods. The right of withdrawal is not valid for distant contractual statements with delivery of products with extra specifications or geared to personal requirements or for not adapted products due their pernicious constitution.

The withdrawal can be addressed to:
Butcher’s Gruber, manager: Lorenz Gruber, Sauders,21, 39040 Villandro/Italy;
Fax: +39 0472 843155, E-Mail: info@speckshop.it

Consequences of withdrawal
In case of an effective withdrawal, both sides received services have to be returned and eventual benefits (for example interests) to be refunded. If there is no possibility to return the service or only in an impaired condition, the customer has to pay compensation for the value of this cause. This is not applicable for goods assignments, if the damaged quality of the products is caused by its failed control – always made within the bounds of possibility. For the rest you may avoid the duty of compensation by not adopting the goods as your property and by don’t compromising in any way the value. Goods appropriate for delivery have to be returned. Return charges have to be paid, if the delivered goods are in according to the order and don’t surmount the value of 40 Euros or, in case of a higher value, the payment wasn’t fulfilled at the time of cancellation. Otherwise the return is free. The duty of payment has to be fulfilled within 30 days after sending the withdrawal declaration.
End of withdrawal instructions.


D. Other terms

Order cancellation
Cancellation of the online order is possible within 12 hours by writing an e-mail or fax (+39-0471-798404) to Butcher’s Gruber; afterwards we will confirm the order cancellation.
Privacy (data protection according to law n. 196 of 30 June 2003)
The Butcher’s Gruber team guarantees the privacy of your personal data. We only use your transmitted data for completion and handling of your order. Your data will only be transmitted, if necessary, to the transport company assigned with the delivery of the goods (name, address, telephone number for delivery terms agreement). The general terms of business are accessible for everyone on these pages and the concrete ordering data will be sent with the goods after the received order.

Break, erroneous delivery
By accepting goods please to examine the products on their integrity and undamaged condition and ask to get confirmed on the consignment note the eventual damages. Inform us immediately per fax or e-mail. The Butcher’s Gruber is insured against documented transport damages and will immediately send you the substitute delivery after having checked the occurrence.

Final clause
Our business location is the place of fulfillment and delivery unless other advice in our order confirmation.
Court of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Bolzano/Italy, except the client may be a “consumer”.
If any clause of these general terms of business may be inoperative, the contract remains in effect for the rest. In this case, the inoperative clauses are substituted by the Italian legal regulations.
We are at your disposal for every further information and proposal.

Metzgerei Gruber GmbH
Sauders, 21
39040 Villandro

Via Pedetliva, 36/B
39046 Ortisei

VAT n.: 03050230212
Commercial Register: 83212
Tel. +39-0471-798404
Fax +39-0472-843155
E-Mail: info@speckshop.it

Contact person: Werner Gruber
Manager: Lorenz Gruber