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The butcher’s business of the family Gruber opened its doors in 1993 in Ortisei/Val Gardena. We started with three working persons: Lorenz Gruber (owner with qualified certificate), his wife Marianne (salesperson and secretary) and a further collaborator with butcher’s qualifications. At the beginning we produced all our sausage meats in our butcher’s business, as we didn’t have sufficient space for products like bacon, smoked sausages, beef smoked by the farmers, salami and more.

A half year later a further collaborator was already employed, who worked in the shop. As we didn’t have sufficient space to produce a major variety of products, in 1998 we built a production plant close to our farmhouse on the beautiful sunny slope of Villandro. Here, three more collaborators found a new work to produce the wanted traditional products, all kinds of sausages and smoked meats like bacon, sausages, salami, smoked beef and even more a ham of high quality.
At first, 100 measures of bacon were produced weekly, which increased in short time to 500 measures weekly thanks to the great demand.


In 2005 we began with the extension plan of the production plant in Villandro.

Meanwhile the Butcher’s Gruber employs near to the owner, his wife and their son Werner Gruber (working as qualified butcher in the business, too – in 2008 he was honored as the regional champion of his work) 5 more collaborators.

02.07.1993 Official opening of the butcher’s business and shop of the family Gruber in Ortisei
07.1998 Building of the production plant in Villandro
1999 Beginning of production of bacon and other traditional products
2005 Extension plan of the production plant in Villandro
2009-2010 Expected opening of the extended production plant