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We already take care by purchasing the raw meat (of pork) as we only treat first class quality products. Immediately after main preparation of the pork meat, it passes to a salt and natural spices treatment based on a farmer’s traditional receipt handed to our time by our grandfather Josef Gruber.

During the salt treatment it is important don’t exceed the determined limit of quantity to gain the specific mild taste. After this treatment the pork meat is going to be pickled by a homemade system and stored in a cool place for desiccate in the fresh mountain air of the Villandro sunny slope.

Well stored speck is measured by the age of six or six and a half month. The connoisseur knows about the mild taste based on the not too low fat content.

How to treat the speck:

Don’t damage the vacuum bag
If the vacuum bag is damaged take the speck out of the wrapping
Keep the speck in a cool and dry place (a cool cellar is a proper place, but the fridge as well)
Take the speck out of the vacuum bag to a cool and dry place 3 or 4 days before consume
A dry cut surface is normal and doesn’t mean loss quality
The case of speck mould occurs is a natural ripening (like the cheese) to simply brush away